A new journey

After just over 3 years, I am leaving the Lakeland Times and Northwoods River News.  Time has come for new adventures.  I loved the job and hope I can keep some of the same contacts I had over the years.  I will be getting on with the business of life, but also with the business of Wisconsin Tournament Angler Magazine, starting in January.

The first edition will be some of the stories I had set up for the May edition – when my husband’s cancer finally started taking over his body, and our lives.  It was not an easy few months, and the months since have been harder than I could have ever planned.  But here we are, on the other side, ready to embark on a great new adventure.  Stressful, for sure, especially moving into town with two 10-year-old dogs who have only ever known country life.  Apartment living will be a big adjustment, for all of us.  But enough about all of that.

This blog will come alive again, with all of the things I would normally put in a column for the newspaper. I will write about whatever comes to my head in the way of the outdoors, and I will not have to worry about it being taken as the newspaper’s opinion.  It will be all my opinion about facts and known changes that may be taking place in the world in which we live.

From time to time, everything needs to be reinvented to stay fresh and current.  So here I am, starting something new and different and fun and exciting.  Bring on the world!

2 thoughts on “A new journey

  1. Becky,

    What a profound post! I’m really looking forward to reading your new stories. On Fishing – I’m Hoping! Best wishes to your husband – that got to me… Spring is coming and yes you will do great in your new adventures!


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