About Me

My name is Beckie Gaskill and I am the owner of Fish Like a Girl Media.  Not only do I fish bass tournaments, but those tournaments, and the anglers who fish them, are my passion.  Fish Like a Girl Media has been  in the works for a while, but will roll out in earnest in January of 2019.  There are several facets to the business:

  • Wisconsin Tournament Tales newsletter – this is an email newsletter sent out each week during the fishing season.  It highlights tournaments from around the state, giving results and listing top-placing anglers.
  • Wisconsin Tournament Angler magazine – this is a digital magazine.  While the newsletter focuses on the tournament results, the magazine focuses on the angler.  In each edition, readers will find several stories. Here are just a few feature stories you can expect to find:
    • Break the Lake – how an angler approaches an unknown body of water
    • Mapping Success – an angler receives only a map and limited information about the lake. He or she must decide how to start prefishing and take on the unknown body of water.
    • Future of Fishing – many young people around the state are very into fishing.  Some of them have even started their own companies at a young age.  This feature is strictly for, and about, those kids.
    • Through the Guide’s Eyes – Written by a local fishing guide each month, how they see anything from a technique to the future of our sport.
    • Off the Back Deck – how co-anglers and non-boaters deal with the special challenges of fishing in that position.
    • Cream of the Crop – interviews with tournament winners or series winners. Learn how they did what they did.
    • Schooling Bass – bass or fishing clubs from the high school and college level.  See the tournament scene through the eyes of these kids and young adults.
  • Wisconsin Tournament Angler forum – this forum is brand new and has yet to be rolled out to the public.  That, too, will happen in January of 2019.  It will be a place for state anglers to gather and talk about things specific to Wisconsin.
    • Find a boater or co-angler link
    • Ask questions of others who have fished a specific body of water or answer questions from others
    • Talk about different baits and techniques
    • Post items for sale, trade or wanted to buy
    • Get together and talk fishing in the live chat box available on every page
    • Look for a club in your area accepting new members or let others know your club is accepting new members
    • Let people know about your series, or look for a series that might be fun to fish for you.
  • Media coverage for events or clubs
    • Take off photos
    • Take off video, complete with editing services
    • Weigh-in photos
    • Video of the Weigh-in, complete with editing services
    • Team of the year photos, or photos of all teams
    • Photos of club banquets
    • Drone footage will be available in 2019, but is pending licensing
  • Media coverage for anglers
    • On the water video, edited and posted to YouTube
    • Instructional videos by the angler, edited and posted to YouTube
    • Photos, either on-the-water or at any other time, to be used for marketing and social media
  • Marketing for anglers
    • Social media planning
    • Posting of videos and photos to help anglers market themselves
    • Fishing resumes
    • Video recording and editing for instructional videos for specific products to send to companies when looking for sponsorship
    • Fishing resume via video
  • Pod casts – Pod casts are new to Fish Like a Girl Media.  They will be monthly to start with and anglers are welcomed to contact me with ideas and to get in on the interview process.  Each pod cast will run 15 minutes tops, at least in the beginning.
  • Help for small fishing-related businesses – Fish Like a Girl Media will have several advertising opportunities available for small businesses, but can also help with:
    • Photos of products in a studio setting, to be used on social media and websites
    • Marketing assistance
    • Social media assistance
    • Full photo studio availability for videos and larger photography projects
  • Have an idea? Need some help making it happen?  Call, email or text.  Reach out and see how I can help.

I have several sponsors and I would really like to thank them for their support.  I look forward to representing them well on and off the water.  My sponsors include:

RockyBrook Sinkers – the original Limestone Sinker

Denali Rods – experience the Denali difference

Secret Weapon Baits – Hand-poured Soft Plastic Baits

Glo-Pro Lures – The future of fishing

Stick ‘Um Graphics – excellence by design

Super K Jigs – Tour grade jigs.  Hand tied one at a time.

Contact info.:  beckie@fishlikeagirlus.com,






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