About Me

My name is Beckie Joki.  I live in northern Wisconsin and have been into competitive bass fishing for several years.  I fish with two different clubs here in Wisconsin.  This year I will fish with the Park City Bass Anglers, a TBF-affiliated club.  This will be my second year fishing with that club, and I’ve enjoyed my time there so far. I would also like to get more involved in the Antigo Bass Warriors club. It is a new club and I think they have a lot of potential to be a great group who have a lot of fun together.


I will also look into fishing some other opens and things of that nature this year. This will be a strange year for me because my boyfriend, Rod, who got me into tournament fishing to begin with, is having some health problems right now. I m unsure he will be able to fish an entire tournament this year.  But we will see what happens.  I look forward to the season, regardless of how many tournaments I will be able to fish.

I also put out a weekly email newsletter called Wisconsin Tournament Tales. In that newsletter I showcase as many tournaments from around the state as I can find and from which I can get timely results. This has turned into a large project, but one that I truly enjoy. It’s fun to report on all of the tournaments, from the club level and high school fun-timers tournaments, all the way up to the big tournaments with thousands of dollars on the line. I believe that anglers at all levels deserve recognition for their efforts, and I believe Wisconsin Tournament Tales does that.

I started Fish Like a Girl to show women, and all anglers, that fishing is a great sport to get into.  And I hope to give you all some tips and tricks that will help you be more successful on the water.

I have several sponsors and I would really like to thank them for their support.  I look forward to representing them well on and off the water.  My sponsors include:

RockyBrook Sinkers – the original Limestone Sinker

Denali Rods – experience the Denali difference

Secret Weapon Baits – Hand-poured Soft Plastic Baits

Stick ‘Um Graphics – excellence by design

Eposeidon – KastKing gear, Mad Bite baits…. For those who rule the water!

WaspCam – Serious action cameras so you can Prove It!

Super K Jigs – Tour grade jigs.  Hand tied one at a time.


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