What I’m Fishing

Fall Bass Web

The 2016 season looks to be a challenge. My fishing partner, best friend and mentor has fallen ill. He is not only all of these things, but also my fiance and partner as the world spins and treats us all the the craziest ride we could ever take.  That being said, I’m not sure what I will be fishing this year.  There is no doubt that I will be out on the boat whenever I can, and he with me whenever he is able. I’m not sure tournament fishing will be in the cards this year, but any day on the water is a good day.

That being said, we are still members of The Park City Bass Anglers and look forward to fishing as many of their tournaments as possible.  I have also recently become the Sponsorship Director for the Central Wisconsin River Series, which is put on by the Park City club.

I will also continue to cover, in Wisconsin Tournament Tales, any and all tournaments for which I can get results on a timely basis every week.  Wisconsin Tournament Tales is a newsletter that is published once per week highlighting tournament action from around the state. I also include an angler profile each week and some New you can Use, which may include product reviews, rule and regulation changes, and fishing reports. If you’re interested in receiving this newsletter, please email me at beckiejoki@gmail.com.