What To Fish this Year

Fall Bass Web

There are some really great tournament trails and series setting up for the 2021 season. In the coming days, I will be posting schedules here for those looking for something to fish in Wisconsin.

As many know, my boyfriend Chet Netzel and I run the Wisconsin Bass Team Trail (formerly the Wisconsin River Series). We took the series over this year from Park City Bass, and we are making what I think are some really cool improvements.

Gregg Kizewski is once again running the Upper Midwest Bass Challenge Series (UMBCS). He has a River Division, Western Lakes Division, and Central Lakes Division.

Justin Koput and Jimmy Juel are putting their toes in the tournament running waters this year, too, with the Wisconsin Elite Series.

Chris Sicotte has taken over the Anglers’ Choice Northern Wisconsin Division from Greg Klug, so that division will be an option this year as well as the other divisions that anglers are used to seeing and participating in.

There are always open tournaments to get into, smaller series, and a variety of clubs all over the state. If you are looking for a tournament to fish, my guess would be you will find something that will fit your schedule. I’ll keep updating this page as more come along.