What I’m Fishing

Fall Bass Web

Well, the 2019 tournament season is setting up, and everyone is making decisions about what they will fish.  I know I will be fishing the Central Wisconsin River Series.  My new partner, Chet Netzel, and I will be fishing that together again this year.

I am a member of the Portage County Bass Anglers, and I would like to fish as many club tournaments with them as possible.  The Park City Bass club is still up in the air, but it looks like we may have enough members to form a club.  If that happens, I will be part of that club, too.

I’d really like to fish Lincoln County this year, but that will depend on time and money, the two biggest limited resources we all have.

I will be running a memorial tournament for my late husband, Rod Gaskill, on Boom Lake in August, too. Chet and I will fish that one together, but it will be hard because I will have a lot going on at the launch ramp, too.  I am going to have a kids casting event, food and beverages, music and raffles.  I would also like to do a couple dash for cash hours.  I think that would be a fun element to add.  Most of that will depend on sponsorship, of course.  But I do have some money already for the tournament and a few promises of more as well as donations of time.  So it should work out to be a great event.

I may also be able to put together a fun series, just a few old folks getting together to have some fun on a random day at a random lake.  We will see how that all shakes out.  It would be a lot of fun – and a lot less pressure than a “regular” tournament.

So, all of these things are in the works.  I will be taking with me all of my sponsors for 2019, of course: RockyBrook Sinkers, Denali Rods, Glo-Pro Lures, Super K Jigs, Secret Weapon Baits and Stik ‘Um Graphics.  Glo-Pro is new this year and I can’t wait to give their products a decent try.  They asked me to be on their pro staff last year, but I only had one tournament left and did not have the right stuff in the boat.  But I know what I will be using this year if I fish that tournament again.  And yes, it will be a Glo-Pro, so stay tuned for that.