Active lifestyles call for healthy eating – BlendJet makes it easy

Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Of courses, when we eat better, we generally feel better. A lot of people may not know this, but I love smoothies and green drinks. They are healthy and I enjoy not only making, but drinking them. For years I used either my blender or, more often, my food processor, to make these drinks. Cleaning either one of those things is a bit of a pain, so I didn’t create green drinks or smoothies as much as I would have if there had been an easier option.

I had been seeing advertisements for this handheld blender called BlendJet. The idea intrigued me, but I did not pull the trigger on buying one. A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a guy telling me he would provide me with a BlendJet if I would review it. And I am happy I accepted. I have not been paid for this review, but, in the interest of full disclosure, I did receive a review blender to try out.

The thing that interested me first was the idea of having a handheld blender that I could take anywhere with me. It does not need to be plugged in. It charges via USB. That means I can charge it from my laptop, my truck, or anywhere else I have power and a USB. I feel like that’s pretty convenient. And it holds a charge for a good amount of time. Unfortunately, I did not count the number of times I blended with it up until now, but I know it was a bunch. They say it can be used to blend 15 times before it needs recharging (which can take just over an hour), and I would venture to guess that is pretty accurate, at least from what I’ve seen.

Now let’s get to the actual blending. What I love most about this thing is that no matter what you put in it, it will blend fully and completely. I was amazed at first. When I really looked at it, the blending blades – which are super sharp and look exactly like small blender blades – are offset to one side. I feel like this is what creates the complete blending effect. However they do it, it is great to not have to stop the blender, push down anything that is on the sides or the top, etc. There is none of that with BlendJet. In 20 seconds, anything I have put in it has blended. Berries, bananas, any kind of fruit, really. I’ve made smoothies with water and with almond milk. I even made a blended margarita in it the other night. Those little blades shred the ice in short order, giving you a smooth, blended drink.

Now for cleanup. It really could not be easier. All you need to do is fill it about 2/3 to ¾ of the way up with hot water, add a drop of dish washing liquid, secure the lid and hit the blend button. Twenty seconds later the soapy water has cleaned the blender completely. In a pinch, let’s say if you are out somewhere and don’t have access to dish soap, just use water and rinse it out completely and it will be ready to go again the next time you need it.

Overall, what do I think of BlendJet? I think it’s a great little device and odds are good I will own more than one of them. The one I was sent was a Lisa Frank edition, which is super fun with its multi-colored outside and holographic clear blender compartment. There are three different designs in the Lisa Frank line, but there are also many other solid colors a person can order. They even have an insulated sleeve to put around the BlendJet to keep your smoothies cold for later drinking. (pro tip – if your smoothie starts to settle, just use the “pulse” feature to give it a quick stir)

I should also add that BlendJet sells what they call Power Packs. These are smoothie packs. They have regular smoothies, protein smoothies and a new latte smoothie line. I will be trying all of these in the coming months if anyone is curious about them. They cut out looking for a recipe or trying to remember how the last one was made etc. All you have to do is dump the smoothie mixture into the BlendJet with your favorite milk or, if you do not have or like milk, you can use water, and blend. Boom. It is done. And did I mention – it makes great blended margaritas?