A new journey

After just over 3 years, I am leaving the Lakeland Times and Northwoods River News.  Time has come for new adventures.  I loved the job and hope I can keep some of the same contacts I had over the years.  I will be getting on with the business of life, but also with the business of Wisconsin Tournament Angler Magazine, starting in January.

The first edition will be some of the stories I had set up for the May edition – when my husband’s cancer finally started taking over his body, and our lives.  It was not an easy few months, and the months since have been harder than I could have ever planned.  But here we are, on the other side, ready to embark on a great new adventure.  Stressful, for sure, especially moving into town with two 10-year-old dogs who have only ever known country life.  Apartment living will be a big adjustment, for all of us.  But enough about all of that.

This blog will come alive again, with all of the things I would normally put in a column for the newspaper. I will write about whatever comes to my head in the way of the outdoors, and I will not have to worry about it being taken as the newspaper’s opinion.  It will be all my opinion about facts and known changes that may be taking place in the world in which we live.

From time to time, everything needs to be reinvented to stay fresh and current.  So here I am, starting something new and different and fun and exciting.  Bring on the world!

Wisconsin Tournament Angler Magazine is in the works

Are you a tournament angler in Wisconsin?  Are you interested in fishing tournaments?  A new magazine is about to launch that you will want to check out.  It’s called Wisconsin Tournament Angler Magazine.  Each month the magazine will be filled with stories about Wisconsin anglers – maybe there will be a story about you, your club, a friend or someone you’ve fished against for years.

As I read through magazines like FLW Bass Magazine and Bassmaster Magazine, it bothered me that no one was writing about the local, state-level angler. No one was writing about the guys and gals who are the grassroots of our sport. All of you put in a great deal of work with unlimited drive and dedication. Someone, I decided a few months ago, needs to tell those stories.  Wisconsin Tournament Angler Magazine will do just that.

There is also a forum set up for Wisconsin tournament anglers to chat, either in the forum or in real time through the Shout box. I am also in the process of setting up a calendar of tournaments attached to the forum.  The forum can be found at http://www.wisconsintournamentangler.com.  Those interested can also like the magazine on Facebook @WITournamentAngler.

Wisconsin Tournament Tales will be back at the beginning of the season, still covering tournament results. This is a weekly newsletter sent directly to your inbox. Links to each edition are also available on the Facebook page @WisconsinTournamentTales.

I encourage you to check out the forum and chat with other anglers as well as to take a look at the magazine.


Why You Should Join a Bass Fishing Club

I understand that not everyone is competitive.  And maybe that’s the reason more people, specifically more women, don’t join bass clubs.  But, really, you don’t have to be competitive.  Eventually, you may become that way – it’s just natural.  As far as just getting involved, though, it is really a great way to learn a lot about fishing, make some great friendships, and spend some time outdoors.  You shouldn’t feel out of place as a woman or a novice when you join a bass club.  The reason clubs exist is to help people learn new techniques and improve their fishing.  Everyone is there to learn something!

Another misconception about bass fishing is that is has to be really, really expensive.  You don’t need a lot of equipment, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money.  Don’t get me wrong.  At this point, I probably spend more on bass fishing than is prudent, but I’m okay with that.  It’s my hobby, my passion, and it could probably even be called my vice.  In reality, though, you can at least get started fairly inexpensively.

You don’t need fifteen expensive rods and reels to start with.  A couple spinning set-ups will work just fine to start.   You don’t need a bunch of tackle to start, either.  You might pick up a little terminal tackle like hooks and sinkers, a few bags of soft plastics, maybe a cheap spinnerbait or two, and call that good to start with.  I’ll cover tackle in another blog post, though.  But suffice it to say that you don’t need a boat load of tackle.  Heck, you don’t even need a boat!

That’s part of what’s great about fishing with a local bass club.  You can fish as either a boater or a non-boater.  Being a non-boater is just what it sounds like.  You fish with someone else out of his or her boat.  Even if you have a boat, when you first start out with a club, it can be a great idea to fish with someone else at least part of the time.  You can definitely learn a lot from the boaters in your club, and there’s no better way to do that than to spend a day in the back of their boats.

When you join a bass fishing club, you are really there to learn.  When I joined my first bass club, I didn’t know much of anything about bass fishing.  I’d done it a couple of times, but with varying amounts of success.  But when I joined the club, I really started to learn a lot.  I was very lucky to have my boyfriend who taught me so much about bass fishing.  But I did learn a lot from other guys in the club, too.

I think it’s a great idea for anyone who thinks they might want to try fishing, to join a club and just learn from other anglers.  Even if it’s only for a year, it’s a great way not only to learn, to be meet people who enjoy the same things you do – and you might even find you enjoy fishing more than you knew.  A simple Internet search can provide you with some clubs in your area.  Check them out and find one that works for you.  You will never know how much fun you’re missing if you don’t!

Welcome to my Fish Like a Girl US blog!

Thanks for checking in on my newest blog.  I am an avid bass angler and I truly enjoy being out on the water.  I fish club tournaments as well as two team circuits in Wisconsin.  I have several sponsor, who you will get to know if you follow this blog for any length of time.  They are:  RockyBrook Sinkers, Denali Rods, Secret Weapon Baits, Super K Jigs, and Stick ‘Um Graphics.  We also recently picked up FishingFundraiser.com, and I’m really excited about what they have to offer scholatic fishing teams in the way of fundraisers.

If you enjoy fishing, I hope you’ll enjoy my blog, and even check out my website http://www.fishlikeagirl.us  I’ll be posting pictures, podcasts, and even videos to that site as the season moves along.  In any case, I hope you find some great fishing information, or at least a reason to smile, in my posts and information here on this blog and on my website.

Thank you for stopping by and good fishing!